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Anna's Apartment

Durham, North Carolina

We were only here one night, but a fun night it was. We met Anna's fish (but I forgot its name, ahh) and kicked back and watched the Amazing Race -- yes, I am spreading my obsession to every single person I know. Anna's apartment building is super nice and fancy, only a mile from Duke's campus. They even serve breakfast in the morning! I know, wow. The next day, we toured Duke's beautiful campus, learned of the strange tent-camping for months basketball ticket tradition, and then headed to the state park, where I talked about enneagrams for the better part of an hour. (Thanks for listening to me Brandon and Anna... I regret nothing). It was awesome to see Anna again, especially since we saw each other twice (!) while she was on winter break. Not all high school friendships last, but I'm glad ours has! Thanks for opening your home to us, Anna, and for a fun, unforgettable weekend. Here's to being adult friends!

Submitted by: Taylor