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Savannah, GA

Air BnB

We may or may not have fallen in love with this beautiful, historic, southern city. Not only is downtown charming, quaint, full of small parks and vegan food, but it's only 20 minutes from the beach! We chose this AirBnB because it was $10 more per night than a tent site at the nearby state park. As it was a rainy/ thunderstormy weekend that extra money was well worth it. We shared it with a young couple who were on their way back to NY from a road trip through FL. (I'm writing this weeks and weeks after we were in Savannah and have since learned that the millennial-couple pilgrimage, driving around the U.S. in search of a place to live, is somewhat common... Brandon even joked it'll be well-documented phenomena in the future. Many a documentary interviewing us in our old age — talking about the open road blah blah — will be shown to bored middle schoolers). Our last day in the city we learned Savannah has a horrible violent crime problem. So that was that as far as moving there goes.

Submitted by: Taylor