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This website shows you all of the cool places that Taylor and Brandon have slept during their roadtrip.

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Ocala National Forest

Yes, this picture is terrible. We thought taking a pic in the dark would be fun and different. Turns out, it just makes for a bad picture. Anyways, this was our first night camping in FL and was... well, in central Fl. There was nothing to do, really. All, I remember is that campground hosts were extra friendly and nice and that one man lost his cat, going around the campsite calling for "Super Buddy." Then later, waking up to a scared loud meow outside our tent followed by a pounce... there was no blood or body in the morning. So I hope it was just a playful pounce, or perhaps a friendly pounce.... Or that Super Buddy got away from whatever predator was out there. . Because there was nothing to do, it's heavily featured in our Road Trippin' video. So stay tuned for that.

Submitted by: Taylor